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Supporting Social Inclusion of Young People

Duration: 01/01/2023 - 01/01/2025

Status: Ongoing

Total budget: 60 000 EUR

Participating organisations:


ART+INN (Lithuania)

Challedu (Greece)

Project website:

Project code: 2022-3-IT03-KA210- YOU-000094011

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By applying the VIBES approaches in synergy with art, storytelling and music, it will be possible to increase intercultural, social and critical thinking and promote social inclusion among young people, especially those have social and economic disadvantaged backgrounds. Therefore, the specific objectives of ATOM project will be:

- to foster the development of social and intercultural competences and critical thinking of young people by promoting transnational training opportunities for youth workers at EU level and an innovative Booklet that collect innovative practices based on VIBES approach to promote social inclusion among young people;

- to reduce obstacles for young people with fewer opportunities by designing an empowerment non-formal pathway (ATOM Workshops) based on the principles of unity and diversity that will guide them to unlock their potential and being part of the community;

- to address barriers faced by young people in accessing new opportunities at local and EU level contributing to create an inclusive environment that foster equity and equality through the establishment of the ATOM community and the ATOM community events.


The ATOM project implements:

- ATOM training opportunities for youth workers to improve their competence and knowledge by using the VIBES approach;

- ATOM workshop for Young People to proof the effectiveness of the methods and the tools designed;

- organisation of 3 ATOM events in Italy, Greece and Lithuania to support the ATOM communities and spreading the project message of social inclusion for all.

Participating organisations



TalentiX is a social enterprise created to support the new generations to face the challenges of the future, unleash their potential and strengthen their personal and professional skills.

ART+INN (Partner)

Organisation’s mission is to bring the world of art and the world of science together in order to create a prosperous and sustainable synergy of innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship.

Challedu (Partner)

CHALLEDU constitutes one of the leading R&D experts in game-solutions for education and inclusion. We focus on 2 main sectors: education and innovation, social inclusion and equality. Our approach includes forms of non-formal or informal education, game-based methodologies, Role-model methodology, open-learning and digital tools, gamification, as well as cross-sectoral approaches.

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