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A European approach
from traditional to sustainable

Duration: 01/02/2023 - 01/12/2023

Status: Completed

Total budget: 60 000 EUR

Participating organisations:

Voxeurop (France)

ART+INN (Lithuania)

My Country? Europe (Italy)

Project website:

Project code: 2022-2-FR01-KA210-SCH-000092055

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By exchanging knowledge, and creating extensive and cross-curricular practical learning tools, and workshops, the main goal of EU(r)Write! project is to improve the quality of the work and practice regarding journalism in secondary schools, building the capacity of participating schools in the field of cooperation, fighting against fake news, and exchange of content and experiences. Moreover, another target is to strengthen citizenship competences, and ecological awareness of students.

It will take place through experience sharing, expanding the range of extracurricular activities offered by schools, boosting awareness, and developing skills.
The specific objectives are the following:

O1 Promote media and ethical journalism as a tool to enhance social responsibility
O2 Increase awareness of the value of critical media consumption
O3 Promote the awareness regarding sustainable journalism principles and concepts
O4 Enable students to perform fundamental (mass)media analysis, and create a sustainable newsroom (or adapt a school newsroom already existing)
O5 Encourage critical and analytical thinking
O6 Cultivate intercultural communication and interpersonal skills
O7 Increase students intercultural competency and knowledge of the EU


It is expected to develop a shared platform that contains (Wiki Platform on Sustainable Journalism - activity 1)

- three interactive modules on sustainable journalism, presented in 4 different languages (EN, IT, FR, LT)
- a set of digital tools for the realisation of the sustainable newsrooms
- guidelines on digital sustainability for a digital newsroom
- a web-forum for sharing among schools, also functional to peer-review.

All tools will be tested and validated through 6 national workshops (2 per country, LTTA1, and 2) and 1 transnational online event (included in the activity 2).
6 new sustainable newsrooms are expected as a final result of the project.

Participating organisations


Voxeurop (Coordinator)

Voxeurop is an independent media outlet for a European audience, covering cross-border stories and topics from a continental perspective in up to ten languages. Focused on climate change, asylum and migration, democracy and individual freedom, politics and social issues, it publishes analyses, feature and photo stories, investigations, Op-eds and press cartoons. 

ART+INN (Partner)

Organisation’s mission is to bring the world of art and the world of science together in order to create a prosperous and sustainable synergy of innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship.

My Country? Europe (Partner)

My Country? Europe (MCE) is a non-profit NGO, and a social media project which provides information, analysis, commentary and entertainment on European matters every day. My Country? Europe. belief is simple - that making Europeans is the key to making Europe. Stemming from this, the aim is to foster a common sense of kinship and belonging to Europe, especially among young people - all in the spirit of correct and thorough information, democratic debate, and inclusive practices. 

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