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Digital Bridges

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 Providing digital entrepreneurship opportunities for young immigrants or  refugees 

Duration: 01/09/2023 - 31/10/2024

Status: Ongoing

Total budget: 60 000 EUR

Participating organisations:

Open Education Hub BV (Belgium)
ART+INN (Lithuania)
My Country? Europe. (Italy)

Project website

Project code: 2023-1-BE4-KA210- YOU-000154225

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- To empower young migrants and refugees with digital entrepreneurship skills and enhance employability;

- To foster social inclusion through tailored training that respects diverse cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic backgrounds;

- To equip youth workers to effectively mentor and support young individuals with migrant backgrounds in their digital entrepreneurship journey;

- To promote equal opportunities for young migrants and refugees to contribute to the community.


Project objectives will be achieved through a series of interconnected activities designed to empower young migrants and refugees with digital entrepreneurship and employability skills. These activities include creating a state-of-the-art youth competence map through self-assessment surveys, developing a comprehensive micro-training course with three levels of difficulty and 60 modules, and producing guidelines for youth workers based on training insights. These activities aim to equip participants with relevant skills, foster innovation through hackathons, and ensure the project's long-term impact by training youth workers to effectively support the target group.

Participating organisations

Open Education Hub BV ( Coordinator)
The Open Education Hub (OEH) in Brussels provides tailored language courses, career coaching, and educational material for various learner groups, including NEEts, students, and educators and  aims to democratize education, promote lifelong learning, and address important policy challenges.

ART+INN (Partner)

Organisation’s mission is to bring the world of art and the world of science together in order to create a prosperous and sustainable synergy of innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship.

My Country? Europe. (Partner)

My Country? Europe is a non-profit social media project fostering European identity and democratic engagement. Through initiatives like Digital Bridges, they utilize their extensive social media presence to raise awareness, provide training content, and target young people aged 14-35 and adult education providers.

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