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Really Hempful!

Really Hempful!

Duration: 01/12/2023 - 30/11/2025

Status: Ongoing

Total budget: 400 000,00 Euro

Participating organisations:


ART+INN (Lithuania)

My Country?  Europe. (Italy)

"Stefan Tsanov" (Bulgaria)

Cesky Konopny  Klastr, Z.S. (Czechia)

European Industrial Hemp Association e.V.  (Germany)


Project website:

Project code

14B priedas. EU emblema_H_cofunded (1).png


The Really Hempful! project aligns with the goals of the EU Green Deal by emphasizing environmentally-friendly hemp cultivation practices, which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support a circular economy. Hemp is a versatile crop that can be used in various sectors, such as construction, textiles, and plastics, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional materials that are resource-intensive and have a high environmental impact.

The main objectives of the Really Hempful! project are:

- To strengthen the knowledge and proficiency of VET students and new farmers about hemp cultivation through the development of a comprehensive VET curriculum.

- To raise awareness of the advantages and opportunities of hemp cultivation across various sectors, emphasizing its role in sustainable agriculture and combating climate change.

- To support the creation of a specific VET training program through a permanent, user-friendly online training platform tailored to the needs of VET students and new farmers.

- To promote cooperation between VET schools and local professionals from different sectors, facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration to support sustainable economic growth in the hemp industry.


The above-mentioned goals will be met through a concerted effort to develop a comprehensive VET curriculum, raise awareness of hemp cultivation's advantages, establish a user-friendly online training platform, and foster collaboration between VET schools and local professionals. These initiatives are strategically designed to enhance knowledge and proficiency in hemp cultivation among VET students and new farmers, while also promoting sustainable practices and supporting economic growth within the hemp industry. By implementing targeted strategies and facilitating cooperation, the Really Hempful! Project aims to effectively align with the objectives outlined in the EU Green Deal.

Participating organisations


University of Hohenheim focuses on researching efficiently managed

and climate-resilient agroecosystems for the environmentally and nature-friendly production of biomass and food. The University of Hohenheim is internationally recognised in the field of bioeconomy research and education. It is at the forefront of leading European institutions developing and providing educational bioeconomy programs.

ART+INN (Partner)

Organisation’s mission is to bring the world of art and the world of science together in order to create a prosperous and sustainable synergy of innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship.

My Country? Europe. (Partner)

My Country? Europe is dedicated to providing daily information, analysis, commentary, and entertainment content related to European affairs. The organization aims to foster a sense of kinship and belonging among Europeans, particularly young people, to build a strong and united Europe. By promoting accurate information, democratic debate, and inclusive practices, My Country? Europe strives to cultivate a shared European identity.

"Stefan Tsanov" (Partner)

"Stefan Tsanov" Vocational High School of Agriculture, Knezha, is an established educational center for the training of personnel in the field of agriculture, combining the best traditions of secondary professional education, taking into account the innovations in the industry and a regulated system for the quality of training in the curriculum programs.

Cesky Konopny Klastr, Z.S. (Partner)

The mission of the cluster is to work on strengthening the hemp and medical cannabis industry in the Czech Republic and create opportunities for cooperation between cluster members. Czechemp is also a member of Czech National cluster association and Platform for Bioeconomy which brings many networking and collaboration opportunities from many different industries.

European Industrial Hemp Association e.V. (Partner)

The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) represents the common interests of hemp farmers, producers and traders working with hemp fibres, shives, seeds, leaves and cannabinoids. Their main task is to serve, protect and represent the hemp sector in the EU and international policy-making.


Ergasia SA has 4 certified centers, which operate in Amaliada, Pyrgos, Ioannina, and Katerini. The dispersion of their educational and training services to the aforementioned certified centers, in three different Regional Districts of Greece -Western Greece, Epirus, and Central Macedonia -, as well as the everyday communication of their personnel with employees, employers and unemployed, offers us the opportunity to have a coherent and spatial knowledge about the

characteristics and needs of labor market in Greece.

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