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Youth Empowerment SDGs

Duration: 01/10/2023 - 30/09/2025

Status: Ongoing

Total budget: 250 000EUR

Participating organisations:


ART+INN (Lithuania)

Associazio ne per il sociale, la cultura e l'ambiente (Italy)

Rightchallenge - Associação (Portugal)


Project website

Project code: 2023-1-IE01-KA220-YOU-000158256

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The YESDGs project aspires to educate young Europeans about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change policies while fostering active citizenship among them. Empowering these individuals through tools and knowledge, it aims to amplify their voices on climate issues, encouraging original insights and participation. The project's focus on skill development not only equips young people and youth workers to engage in discussions concerning climate change, sustainability, and digital transition but also cultivates an inclusive environment through toolkits promoting collaboration, innovation, and meaningful participation across diverse groups. By enhancing personal and professional growth, promoting diversity, and encouraging dialogue, YESDGs strives to boost youth engagement and leadership in addressing global challenges while identifying opportunities for impactful climate action initiatives.


The project spans several Work Packages (WP) to achieve its goals:


WP1: Project Management sets the stage, outlining the project's structure, roles, and responsibilities. It lays the groundwork for effective collaboration and efficient execution throughout.


WP2: Needs Assessment and Analysis conducts in-depth research, identifying key challenges and needs among the target demographic. This informs subsequent project activities.


WP3: Capacity Building and Training implements tailored training programs for youth and youth workers, equipping them with essential skills to engage with the project's objectives effectively.


WP4: Hackathon Event in Italy brings together youth and youth workers in a collaborative hackathon setting, fostering innovative problem-solving aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This event aims to create a manifesto outlining actionable ideas.


WP5: Communication and Dissemination devises a comprehensive communication plan, manages web presence, social media engagement, and the creation of promotional materials. It focuses on sharing project results and engaging stakeholders through various communication channels and events.


Each work package contributes uniquely to the project's overarching objective of empowering youth and fostering innovative solutions to global challenges while ensuring effective communication and dissemination of project outcomes for lasting impact.

Participating organisations



Health Without Borders, based in Dublin, Ireland, operates on a global scale to tackle healthcare disparities. Their primary focus involves implementing healthcare projects worldwide. Leveraging technology and educational initiatives, HWB aims to bridge gaps in healthcare access and services, particularly in regions facing challenges related to healthcare infrastructure or resources. The organization engages in diverse health-centered endeavors, providing essential healthcare services and promoting health equality in areas with limited access to quality care.


ART+INN (Lithuania)

Organisation’s mission is to bring the world of art and the world of science together in order to create a prosperous and sustainable synergy of innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship.


Associazio ne per il sociale, la cultura e l'ambiente (Italy)


ASCAE is a  non-profit organization committed to fostering cultural awareness, environmental consciousness, and social inclusion among European citizens, particularly focusing on engaging young individuals. Through diverse initiatives centered around sustainability, cultural activities, and community engagement, ASCAE aims to promote active citizenship and preserve natural resources.

Rightchallenge - Associação (Portugal)




The Rightchallenge Association, a youth-centered NGO, champions education for social inclusion and equal opportunities, emphasizing lifelong learning for active citizenship. Committed to non-formal education in Portugal, the organization provides integrated training services and advocates for social intervention, promoting education, vocational training, and entrepreneurship. 



Located in Larissa, Greece, the Innovation Hive concentrates on open innovation across various sectors. Their core areas encompass youth entrepreneurship, social inclusion, digital transformation, and sustainable development. The organization specializes in research, strategic planning, and education related to business and social innovation. Engaging in EU-funded projects and complementary initiatives, Innovation Hive collaborates to develop innovative solutions, drive social inclusion, and promote sustainable development.



 PROJECTS FOR EUROPE PFE aims to promote European identity and culture. Their activities span active European citizenship, education, entrepreneurship, media literacy, social inclusion, and sustainable tourism. The organization facilitates projects, events, and educational initiatives to promote European values and identity. It focuses on fostering social integration, cultural exchanges, and lifelong learning, emphasizing themes aligned with European policies and objectives.



Explore the insights and competencies of today's youth regarding the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 in our comprehensive transnational report, YESDGs: Youth Empowerment SGDs - WP2 Analysis.

Check the latest project news in the second issue of the newsletter.

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