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Empowering Vocational Educators for Artificial Intelligence-
Driven Education

Duration: 01/02/2024 - 31/05/2025

Status: Ongoing

Total budget: 60 000 EUR

Participating organisations:

ART+INN (Lithuania)

vzw Edushakers (Belgium)

My Country? Europe. (Italy)

Project website:

Project code

14B priedas. EU emblema_H_cofunded (1).png


The media acknowledges 2023 as a breakthrough year for artificial intelligence (AI) with the rise of free and user-friendly tools like ChatGPT, Synthesia, and making AI accessible to everyone. This surge in AI has also led to confusion and deepened the gaps in successful digitalisation in education. The need to align vocational education with the latest digital
technologies is stronger than ever before, seeking to ensure its relevance, engagement, and future readiness. To meet this demand, VET educators and providers must proactively enhance their knowledge and competencies. This strategic response is vital to not only navigate the evolving educational landscape but also to equip learners with the skills that align with the contemporary technological environment, underscoring the significance of the EDU-AI project's objectives:
- To equip VET teachers with AI integration skills, increasing AI-integrated teaching practices in at least 9 VET schools in 3 partner countries
- Within the project's timeframe, enhance the integration of modern digital learning methodologies by VET educators, effectively bridging the gap with traditional pedagogical approaches and ensuring education's alignment with the rapidly evolving technological landscape
- To offer accessible and customised learning experiences for VET teachers and educators by implementing local workshops in 3 partner countries and international conference in Belgium
- To establish a collaborative network of at least 105 VET educators, institutions, and partners, fostering knowledge exchange, sharing best practices, and nurturing a supportive community dedicated to integrating AI into education
- To foster a culture of continuous improvement within VET institutions by offering modern training opportunities through local and international activities


The objectives mentioned above will be achieved through 1) the creation of the EDU-AI comprehensive digital toolkit – a resource for VET teachers, guiding the effective integration of AI tools in traditional education, featuring interactive elements, organised into 3 difficulty levels and micro sections; 2) implementation of EDU-AI events & network, with a focus
on the hands-on implementation of the toolkit, equipping VET teachers through activities like establishing a collaborative network group, local workshops, and international conference to ensure effective EDU-AI resources integration in partner countries and beyond.

Participating organisations

ART+INN (Coordinator)

Organisation’s mission is to bring the world of art and the world of science together in order to create a prosperous and sustainable synergy of innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship.

Edushakers (Partner)

The non-profit organisation (NPO) Edushakers is an experienced entrepreneurship incubator, job shadowing organiser and international internship mediator. As an NPO, we support all actors in the field of youth, sports, primary, secondary and adult education: pupils, students, parents, teachers, counsellors, school managers, policy makers etc. in their search for
frameworks and tools for student agency, quality improvement, entrepreneurship and professionalisation.

My Country? Europe.(Partner)

My Country? Europe is a non-profit organisation and a social media project which provides information, analysis,commentary and entertainment on European matters every day. Organization's belief is simple - that making Europeans is the key to making Europe.

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