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E-lit Adults


Energy Literacy for Adults: An Innovative Approach to Reducing Energy Poverty

Duration: 16/10/2023 - 15/10/2025

Status: Ongoing

Total budget: 250 000 EUR

Participating organisations:


ART+INN (Lithuania)

CULTUM (Italy)

Balkan Bridge EOOD (Bulgaria)
Strateco OG (Austria)

Project website:

Project code: 2023-1-LT01-KA220-ADU-000154544  

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E-lit Adults project objectives are:
- to compare and contrast the energy literacy knowledge and skill gaps among adults at risk of energy poverty and identify key areas for improvement;
- to improve energy literacy knowledge and skills of adults facing energy poverty
- to collaborate with stakeholders ensuring the training materials are widely adapted and aligned with priorities on energy poverty;
- to develop an online platform as a hub for energy literacy information, resources and networking.


The project objectives will be achieved through i) development of consolidated in-depth report identifying key knowledge and skill gaps by conducting an analysis among 750 adult citizens facing or at risk of energy poverty; ii) development of a micro-training course for 3 energy literacy levels of a total of 126 micro-learning modules; iii) creation of online networking platform that will engage various target groups and will facilitate the exchange of knowledge related to energy literacy.

Participating organisations


Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is one of the largest and oldest technological universities in Lithuania, as well as one of the largest in the Baltic States. KTU research is carried out by about 1000 academic staff, whose research groups are located in 9 faculties and 8 research institutes. The University has accumulated a long and successful experience in implementing science and innovation project activities, ensuring quality project management and administration expertise.

ART+INN (Partner)

Organisation’s mission is to bring the world of art and the world of science together in order to create a prosperous and sustainable synergy of innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship.

CULTUM (Partner)

CULTUM is a non-profit organisation, whose mission is to innovate the school, VET, curricula, to create new-generation educational tools, to generate synergies between education providers and companies with a specific focus on the topics of sustainability, agriculture, circular economy, and youth entrepreneurship.

Balkan Bridge EOOD (Partner)

he organisation’s mission is to cover the gaps in the Balkan area in terms of professional training, networking and research activities with the goal to transform the Balkans to a sustainable ecosystem with highly skilled human capital and businesses able to adapt to the needs of society and the global trends.

Strateco OG (Partner)

STRATECO OG is a spin-off from Graz University of Technology, founded in 2018 with two main areas of expertise: life cycle assessment for sustainable systems (including food related issues) using the Sustainable Process Index (SPI) method as well as developing and implementing regional renewable energy technology networks by economic optimization via
Process Network Synthesis (PNS).


The mission of CluBE is to enhance collaboration and increase regional knowledge by promoting innovation and synergies between regional stakeholders in the fields of bioeconomy and environment in order to reinforce green, smart and circular economy in the region and the neighbouring area.
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