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 Digital and participatory tools to discover European citizenship opportunities for adults and adult educators living in rural areas

Duration: 16 months

Status: Ongoing

Total budget: 60 000 EUR

Participating organisations:

ART+INN (Lithuania)

CULTUM (Italy)


Project website

Project code

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Climate change has serious implications for young people's health and futures, but they have little control over it, making them vulnerable to climate anxiety. Based on the largest  international study, young people expressed negative feelings related to climate anxiety and their future, such as fear, abandonment, sadness, anxiety, helplessness, and guilt. According to the initial desk research by partners, no data on young people’s emotions related to climate change is available in partner countries. As a consequence, youth workers, as the primary providers of education and support to young people, do not have the necessary knowledge and tools to address it. Therefore, the EMBRACE project aims to

- better understand the feelings, thoughts, and impacts associated with climate change among young people (aged 16-29) in Lithuania, Italy, and Greece. 

- to equip youth workers (educators, social workers, teachers, and others) with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools, and competencies to properly educate and prepare young people to tackle climate anxiety.


The ultimate goal of the ‘EMBRACE’ is to build a resilient, innovative, and modern youth education system, that will enable young people to overcome climate anxiety and empower them to become agents for positive environmental change.


The above-mentioned goals will be met through analysis of youth's emotions in relation to climate change in partner countries and a combination of innovative and digital education methods developing an ‘EMBRACE’ digital map and 45 microteaching modules for youth workers. Additionally, for greater involvement and dissemination purposes 3 national training events and an international online conference will be implemented. 300 young people and 75 youth workers from Lithuania, Italy, and Greece are expected to be directly involved in the project activities. The partnership also intends to reach at least 7000 people via dissemination activities on the project's unique website and social media accounts.

Participating organisations


ART+INN (Coordinator)

Organisation’s mission is to bring the world of art and the world of science together in order to create a prosperous and sustainable synergy of innovation, creativity, and mass entrepreneurship.

CULTUM (Partner)

CULTUM is a non-profit organisation, whose mission is to innovate the school, VET, curricula, to create new-generation educational tools, to generate synergies between education providers and companies with a specific focus on the topics of sustainability, agriculture, circular economy, and youth entrepreneurship.


CONNECTUS is an organisation based in Athens, Greece aiming to provide services that support the private as well as the public sector in the fields of:

  • Digital solutions @ education

  • Management of EU-funded project​s

  • Project branding & dissemination strategy

  • School & VET curricula

  • Upskilling trainings for employees & job seekers

  • Web-platform development for EU projects

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